Occupational Therapy

New Online Offerings

AIM's in-house team has expanded their services to include online sessions for children.

This is an important opportunity for children who could use more support in a certain academic subject or was receiving in-person services at school that have been currently discontinued. Click button below to learn more.


What is Occupational Therapy?

AIM Academy Occupational Therapists (OTs) have specific knowledge and expertise to help children perform school-related activities and daily routines to fulfill their roles as students. AIM's OTs use a holistic approach when assessing student's performance across a broad range of skills through participation in individually designed activities and supported work on classroom assignments. They also assist our students with many tasks, including executive functioning skills, written work, number sense, visual spatial skills, and use of assistive technology. AIM's Occupational Therapy Department was recently one of three organizations in the area selected to partner with nationally-ranked Thomas Jefferson University's Occupational Therapy Department as a Promoting Environments that Measure Outcomes (PrEMO©) site.