Psychological Services

Each division at AIM Academy has a dedicated Psychologist who works closely with students, teachers and our integrated services team to help develop a learning environment with tailored academic interventions for students and to monitor students' progress throughout the year.

The team is also responsible for creating programming and learning opportunities for all students to support positive growth and important education for overall health and wellness.

This non-academic program encompasses four areas:

  • Health Literacy - with partners including Caron Foundation and Family Support Line
  • Information, Media & Tech Skills
  • Learning & Innovation Skills
  • Life & Career Skills

Data Analysis and Academic Progress Monitoring

To optimize our students’ development as readers, mathematicians, writers, and critical thinkers our teachers must adapt to their changing needs and abilities. Our Psychology Department lends their expertise by working closely with teachers to develop tailored academic interventions and to monitor each student's progress throughout the year. Using timely and meaningful assessments to help answer key questions, the team gathers information about students' current academic levels and rates of improvement towards short and long-term goals. Questions such as: How much progress? Compared to what? Expected by when?

Ongoing data analysis allows our team to evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction and optimize each student's education plan by making timely, targeted adjustments to individual programming.

The services listed are all-inclusive in our tuition. Therapeutic counseling services are not part of the psychological services model at AIM.