Speech and Language Therapy

New Online Offerings

AIM's in-house team has expanded their services to include online sessions for children.

This is an important opportunity for children who could use more support in a certain academic subject or was receiving in-person services at school that have been currently discontinued. Click button below to learn more.


What is Speech and Language Therapy?

The key components of helping our students become fluent and strategic readers can be outlined into two main areas: word recognition and language comprehension. We do not always associate language development with reading but it is one of the two critical factors.

At AIM Academy, we take the research in reading seriously by providing full time Speech and Language Pathologists who are available to support students in the classroom, support the teachers as they individualize instruction and provide one-on-one therapy where the individual plan for a child indicates this is needed. Additionally the SLPs have provided assessment in areas such as phonological awareness and reading comprehension to assist classroom teachers in monitoring students’ progress in those areas.

Consultation/collaboration with teachers typically involves providing insights into underlying language deficits that may be affecting academic performance and collaborating on strategies to help the student improve the deficit or compensate by minimizing the impact. SLPs are also available to faculty during progress monitoring meeting to add their perspectives.