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The goal of AIM's Tutoring Center is to equip each student with the skills necessary to move ahead successfully. Based upon the student’s progress, continued tutoring may or may not be prescribed. In many cases, students do not need extended periods of tutoring. Typically, as a student acquires skills, learns how to use strategies to his or her advantage and begins to function more independently, a recommendation will be made for tutoring to be discontinued. Other times, our tutoring suggests that a student may need a different educational setting. In these cases, our tutors, as well as our school psychologists, are available to assist parents with the decision-making process.

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AIM's Tutoring Center provides diagnostic and prescriptive instruction that is tailored to meet each student's needs. The tutoring services cater to children in grades 1-12 and range from teaching reading readiness skills to providing remediation and support in various academic areas. Tutors also provide assistance with executive functioning, study skills, and organization of time and schoolwork so students can be successful in all academic areas.


Online tutoring or in-person tutoring is available to support all learners. AIM tutors work with students from many area schools.


Tutoring may take place before, during or after school hours. A minimum of two sessions per week, preferably three, is recommended. Less than two sessions a week does not provide to continuity and consistency necessary to maintain progress achieved during tutoring sessions.


Tutors are certified teachers at AIM who are trained in their areas of expertise such as reading, writing, and math. When the Wilson Reading System® and the other Wilson® programs including Fundations®, Just Words®, and Wilson Fluency® are delivered with fidelity and prescribed by a qualified and certified teacher or tutor, they produce measurable results. AIM understands that a critical factor for student success is teacher knowledge, therefore, AIM upholds the highest standards for Wilson® training and certification for all of our tutors. AIM's faculty has the expertise for teaching reading and writing to non-readers and poor readers of all ages. Tutors are primarily:

Master teachers at AIM Academy who have teacher certification in special education and the areas in which they teach

Graduate students with teacher certifications

Certified special education teachers with additional training in the Wilson Reading System® or specialists in content areas (e.g. writing, chemistry, calculus, geometry) who are matched with students requiring their particular expertise


To complete the tutoring application form, click here, or use the button below. You will be asked to provide as much information as possible to help find a tutor that best suits your child’s needs. Information such as recent psychoeducational testing, report cards and current teacher recommendations are very helpful with this process. For additional information about the Tutoring Center, call 215-483-2461.

Students come to us in one of three ways: parents of students call directly requesting tutoring, teachers recommend tutoring to parents of students in need of support, or other schools and professionals (i.e. psychologists) recommend tutoring and contact AIM for available tutors.

Tutors are matched to students based upon the type of tutoring needed and the particular area of expertise, the age of the student as well as the student's personality, and the time (hours, days, number of lessons per week) required.

Once an appropriate tutor is matched with the student, a contract is signed by the student's parent prior to the start of tutoring.

Tutoring Application