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AIM Receives Governor's Civic Engagement Gold Award

AIM Academy has received the Governor’s Civic Engagement Gold Award for having more than 85% of eligible students registered to vote.

Jaxon G. ‘21, an AIM Global Scholar, led an AIM voter drive among his peers during AIM's school closure when he and his classmates were participating in remote learning. His work required extra creativity and flexibility given the closure. AIM is one of 24 schools in the state to receive the Gold Award and one of 41 schools to be recognized by the Commonwealth.

Jaxon's voter drive including texting virtual "I pledge to vote or register to vote" cards to classmates who signed and returned them on their phones. He collected enough cards to qualify for the award and sent out PA voter applications to the students who returned their pledge cards. Jaxon, who was nominated for the award by Upper School teacher Andrew DiPrinzio, will continue his registration drive efforts during the summer and fall leading up to the November general election and in September will update AIM voters on where presidential candidates stand on ocean protection .

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AIM Receives Governor's Civic Engagement Gold Award