Student Life at AIM

Student Life

Welcome To The Pack - A World of Opportunities

AIM Academy promotes an atmosphere of social and community engagement where ties are strong and differences are respected. We are relatively young as an institution, but some of our traditions are already timeless. For instance, AIM Wolf Packs are cross-grade and cross-divisional groups where seniors use their leadership skills to run supervised activities that promote community and collaboration. Each year, as the Pack leaders graduate, the rising Senior class behind them will take the helm and incoming first graders will be added to their Wolf Packs. Wolf Packs are a place where members of our wonderful community can come to together to learn from one another and to celebrate their unique gifts and talents.

To foster our students’ interests, AIM offers a variety of extracurricular activities that complement the academic curriculum and provide students with opportunities to develop diverse talents and explore possibilities for new passions. Whether it’s creating/designing in the art studio, acting in a drama production, engaging in debate or building robots in the Makerspace, students are offered opportunities to build upon their strengths in a comfortable and collegial atmosphere.

Explore Athletics, Clubs, Performances, and Activities!

We recently shared this slideshow recapping school events, athletic accomplishments and student activities this fall at an all-school assembly.