Black History Month

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February is Black History Month

This February, AIM students across divisions and content areas are exploring not only Black History, but also Black Futures as we reflect on this present moment, the events that led us here, and how we dream about the years still to come. This month provides a timely invitation to affirm that Black Lives Matter in the AIM community and beyond, and we look forward to sharing highlights from our halls and classrooms in the weeks to come. You can expect to see an honest reflection on the many struggles and challenges of the ongoing Black Civil Rights Movement, but also an intentional emphasis on Black excellence, Black joy, and Black resilience as AIM celebrates the Black American heroes who, even before the official founding of the United States, have steadfastly embodied our most cherished national values of resistance, progress, and justice for all. 


  • STEAM/Engineering - Celebrating Black History Month with STEM Leaders
  • Law & Order - How African-Americans are Treated in the Justice System - A BSU Guest Speaker event with Harold Cushenberry and Natalia Combs. An audio recording of the session can be accessed HERE.


  • Tuesday, February 16, 7:00 pm - Community Film Screening for Upper School Students - Brother Outsider - Documentary about Bayard Rustin, gay civil rights pioneer and close friend to MLK
  • Tuesday, February 26 - Lower School Conversation on School Desegregation with Deborah Norcross - Thanks to an AIM family member, our Lower School students will have the opportunity to meet and learn from with Deborah Northcross, who at the age of 8 was the lead plaintiff in the 1962 Northcross v. Memphis Board of Education case. Ms. Northcross, along with Ruby Bridges, was instrumental in school desegregation. Enjoy a Recording of this presentation here.

Community Events

Continuing the Conversation

For families looking for ways to continue this learning at home, we recommend checking out EmbraceRace: Raising a Brave Generation. Together. for resources to support anyone and everyone who seeks to "raise and guide children who are inclusive, informed, and brave when it comes to race."