Women's History Month

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March is Women's History Month

For over 30 years, March has been nationally recognized as Women's History Month; an opportunity to center the lives, stories, desires, and accomplishments of women in our teaching and learning. While these past three decades have seen tremendous shifts in the roles and perceptions of women throughout our public and private spheres, gender-based social and economic inequities persist for women and girls across all groups and identities. This month, AIM students and teachers will intentionally uplift and amplify women's voices and experiences, including those whose excellence has not traditionally been centered or celebrated in academic spaces, particularly women of color and transgender women. We look forward to sharing highlights from our classrooms and halls, as well as links to resources and virtual events for continued learning outside of school, throughout the month of March!


  • Feminist Fight ClubA student-created podcast focusing on feminist topics by AIM junior Bella A.
  • Outride Highlights Work of Anne Rock - Outride, the foundation run by Specialized Bikes, is launching it's Women's History Month promotions with a three-part social media series highlighting the work of AIM's Anne Rock and her work bringing the Riding for Focus program to AIM, launching our high school mountain biking team, and leading the work on the creation of Sam's Place.


  • Week of March 8 - Re-airing of WHYY's Movers and Makers episode featuring the story of AIM founders Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair. Tune in for great footage of AIM students in the classrooms.

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