2019-2020 Lunch Registration

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What is the difference between Standard and Hearty?

The Hearty meal has an extra portion of the entree for that meal, such as an extra serving of lasagna, a second burger, or, for students on a Hearty Pizza contract, a third slice of pizza. The rest of the meal (grain, salad-and-fruit or vegetable-and-sweet) is the same as a Standard meal.

Can I order lunch for my child on a daily or monthly basis?

AIM offers two types of lunch contract: the 5-day/week option, or the 1-day/week Pizza option. All lunch contracts are annual contracts.

I am confused about when Pizza is served. Is it only on Friday?

Pizza is served on Friday, but when there is no lunch served on Friday, we will make Italian bread pizza (with bread from Conshohocken Italian Bakery) on Thursday. These days are noted on the monthly menus, and, of course, this will not include Thursdays when lunch is not served.

I keep hearing about these amazing Salads! What is offered on the Salad Bar?

The Salad Bar has fresh greens (romaine, spinach), plenty of vegetables (carrots, cabbage, tomato, cucumbers, peppers, etc), proteins (hard-boiled egg, tuna salad, hummus, grilled chicken, etc), croutons, toasted seeds and fresh fruit. We try to have everything listed each day, and make seasonal substitutions and/or additions, as we are able. On Meatless Mondays, we do not offer chicken, tuna, or any kind of meat.

How do I pay?

All lunch contracts are annual. After selecting your lunch contract, you then choose a payment plan: One-Pay (due by August 15th), or Two-Pay (60% due by August 15th, and 40% due November 1st). All payments are made through FACTS.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at lunch@aimpa.org.

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Special Guest Chef Meals are a new AIM Kitchen tradition when we welcome AIM faculty and administrators to take over the meal planning for our special Guest Chef Meals!

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