Lunch Program Details


Lunch Contracts

We offer the following annual Lunch Contracts:

Standard Lunch (5 days/week) includes a generous serving of the main entrée (protein and starch) for the day, a serving of either a vegetable or a salad, and also a serving of fruit or a "sweet." ($1,350 for 2019-20)

Hearty Lunch (5 days/week) includes all of the above, plus an additional serving of the entrée, such as an extra burger, slice of pizza or bowl of soup. ($1,660 for 2019-20)

Standard Pizza (1 day/week*) includes 2 slices of pizza, fresh salad and fruit. ($310 for 2019-20)

Hearty Pizza (1 day/week*) includes 3 slices of pizza, fresh salad and fruit. ($365 for 2019-20)

*Pizza is served on Friday. When there is no lunch served on Friday, pizza is served on Thursday. When there is no lunch on Thursday or Friday, there is no pizza served that week.

There are no refunds or credits for lunch contracts. Contracts are paid through student FACTS accounts.

Meal Choices

We strive to maintain a balance each month of meals that include pasta, poultry, beef, fish, and vegetarian entrees, with an occasional bit of pork. Themed lunches such as Breakfast-for-lunch, Try-It-Tuesdays and Taco Tuesdays, occur monthly.

Our weekly menu rhythm is fresh salad and fruit on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and vegetable and a “sweet” on Tuesday and Thursday.

There are three meal choices offered daily. The main meal (see menus), our amazing salad bar, or a sunbutter-and-jelly sandwich (sunflower seeds roasted and ground in-house and jam made in-house from local berries).

Our Amazing Salad Bar includes fresh greens (romaine, spinach, red buttercrunch, pea shoots, arugula, etc), plenty of vegetables (carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc), proteins (hard-boiled egg, tuna salad, feta, shaved parmesan, hummus, grilled chicken, lentils, chickpeas, etc), homemade croutons, house-fried tortilla chips, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, Kalamata olives, stuffed grape leaves, dried cranberries, and fresh fruit. We try to have everything listed each day, and will make seasonal substitutions and/or additions, as we are able. All of our salad dressings are made in-house and include Caesar, ranch, honey-mustard vinaigrette, Russian, blue cheese (on occasion), oil-and-vinegar, and our House dressing, sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.


We maintain a nut-free and shellfish-free kitchen. We make every effort to accommodate vegetarians and those with allergies. Food allergy and dietary information comes to us from Nurse Thea ( based on your Magnus Health information.

UPDATED Forgotten Lunch Policy

This service is provided purely for students who have legitimately forgotten their lunch.  As the Kitchen team plans and orders food for lunch in advance, we cannot offer a “pay-as-you-go” option.

AIM can provide lunch for students who have forgotten their lunch once an account has been established for them through MySchoolAccount.  We will no longer accept cash in the Dining Hall. If a student forgets lunch, their MySchoolAccount will be charged. The cost of each “forgotten lunch” is $12.  MS and US students will swipe their ID badge to access the MySchoolAccount. LS families will communicate the need for a lunch through their teacher, and their MySchoolAccount will be accessed by the student’s name.

Funds need to be available by the student’s lunch period in order for them to receive lunch.

All families not on a lunch plan are encouraged to create and fund an account through this link.

All Forgotten Lunch Requests MUST BE MADE BY 10:00 am DAILY.