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Alumni College Panel

Six AIM alums joined us for our annual virtual panel discussion for AIM parents and students to share their experiences and some of the ways AIM prepared them for college. View the recording by clicking on the image below!

Alumni Parent Reflections

“I don’t think college is something he could do if not for AIM.” Beth S. P ‘17
“He notices how much he has learned from faculty feedback, that he has a unique perspective and embraces that that is an advantage. He always saw it as a weakness that he learns differently. Now he sees it as a strength.” Jerry M., P ’16.

An Alumni Spotlight

In November 2021, Drexel University's Admissions Office shared a video highlighting the work of Robbie Newman (AIM '2019) who will receive is participating in the Close School of Entrepreneurship's accelerated three-year degree program. Robbie is heading to law school following graduation in 2022.

Student Spotlights



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