November Challenge

The AIM Fund, AIM's annual giving campaign, makes everything possible.

Gifts to the AIM Fund are unrestricted and directly and immediately support current school activities to address any unforeseen needs, take advantage of new opportunities and keep AIM affordable to as many families as possible. When making your gift, you may select that your gift goes to the school's Greatest Need, Art & Athletics, Faculty/Staff Professional Development & Research, Student Opportunities or Technology.

This month we are encouraging donations for our $100K AIM Fund November Challenge.

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Hands-On Experiments

Instead of studying the features of bacteria from a text book, Upper School Biology students in Scott Sowers’ class harvested bacteria from their own hands and grew it on Petri dishes, predicting and examining how soap and hand sanitizers effected the growth of bacteria.

Student Petri Dishes

And recently, Physics students launched straw rockets predicting distance using angle and weight and Chemistry students calculated Calories by building their own calorimeters and burning potato chips and Cheetos.

"AIM prioritizes hands-on labs related to every day items to help our students make connections to the science around them every day and support comprehension and retention." - Shelly Johnston, Upper School Dean and Science Teacher

Interactive Humanities

Glitter, paint, pens, and a hieroglyphics chart have been important tools in the Ancient Empire Interactive Humanities room as third-grade Gods and Goddesses design, draw and decorate their own cartouches. The ancient Egyptian design for the cartouche (or Shenu) was discovered on the Rosetta Stone featuring names of Pharaohs encircled with an oval-shaped design-cartouche. Students are preparing and decorating their own cartouches featuring their ancient God and Goddess names.

3rd grade cartouche painting

Interactive humanities classes feature hands-on, art-focused, role-playing activities to provide critical background knowledge for students in a variety of subjects including civics, geography, history and literature. These popular classes are the cornerstone of the AIM Experience.

Innovative Teaching

Final Chapter of the Giver

In early November, ELA Teachers Sarah Whelan and Beau Martin took their 8th grade classes into the woods behind AIM. Sitting in the dried grass with their copies of Lois Lowry's The Giver in hand, Ms. Whelan read the final chapter aloud with the students as Mr. Martin emerged from the landscape reenacting the dramatic ending of the book which focuses on memory, love and family.

See video portions of the outdoor classroom experience here

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